Airport Bans the Sale of Plastic Water Bottles

An unprecedented new rule will soon impact millions of travelers. San Francisco International Airport sells around 4 million plastic water bottles each year. But those days are numbered as the airport has taken the historic step of banning the sale of single-use water bottles.

Thirsty passengers will need to carry their own reusable bottles or buy water in glass or aluminum. The airport is following a San Francisco ordinance that prohibits the sale of plastic water bottles on city property starting August 20th. Traveler Yianna Gassoumis says, “I guess that’s the sign of the times, no plastic bags, no plastic bottles.”

More and more communities are banning various kinds of single-use plastic. California, Hawaii and New York have all banned plastic bags along with dozens of other cities. Seattle became the first city to ban plastic straws and utensils last year and Sea-Tac, the city’s airport, followed suit.

You can now find alternatives like paper straws and some companies offer single use water bottles in metal and cartons. Next year Aquafina will start selling water in aluminum cans.

San Francisco is just the first airport to get rid of plastic bottles, but with other municipalities reportedly interested it looks like an idea that’s ready to take off.

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