Bullock County School System’s Renovation Project Underway

Bullock County Schools are getting a facelift, thanks to a partnership with Birmingham-based Schneider Electric.

We told you about it earlier this summer– but now: an update on those improvements.
Improvements to most classrooms and hallways are now complete.
Bullock County Schools Superintendent Dr. Christopher Blair says there’s still a lot of work to be done.

So far, new lighting has been installed, making classrooms and hallways less dark.

Doors and windows have been sealed to keep the cool air inside.
School officials say new air conditioning units have improved the learning environment.

Security measures are also getting a boost. Updated telephones have been installed in classrooms and durable doors are hinged.
The next phase of the project include roofing construction and technical improvements.

“We wanna have the school a little more inviting for the children, a better environment for them, a more comfortable atmosphere and learning that is more conducive to learning,” South Highlands Middle School principal Rodrick James says.

“Last year, things you would take for granted as far as heating, cooling, and lighting, things you never think about– they weren’t sufficient. This year, things are much better,” head football coach Willie Spears says.

The $3.2 million project is being paid for through a lease service agreement with Schneider Electric.

The renovations are expected to save the district an estimated $2.7 million dollars over a 20-year period.
Blair says the project is expected to be complete by January 2020.

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