Dementia Patients in Nursing Homes + Opioid Overdose Reversal Drug + Poultry & Breast Cancer

Most older adults with advancing dementia do not end up living in a nursing home. That’s according to a new study at the University of California where researchers analyzed a sample of medicare recipients with moderately severe dementia. They found that more than 68% still lived at home.

Plus: The drug, Naloxone, has helped thousands of overdose victims, but despite its life saving success, researchers at the CDC believe the drug is underused. They said the number of prescriptions written for it has not kept pace with the steep rise in opioid abuse in the U.S.

And finally, A new study suggested that eating poultry instead of red meat can reduce a woman’s breast cancer risk. An analysis of more than 42-thousand women found those who ate the most red meat were most at risk of developing the disease. Those who ate the most poultry had the lowest risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

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