Military Families Living on Maxwell AFB Can Attend Pike Road Schools

Military families that live on Maxwell Air Force Base can now attend Pike Road Schools.

The Pike Road School Board unanimously voted on the measure at a Monday meeting.

“We want to be part of the solution and work together with our sister schools in the river region,” says Pike Road Schools Superintendent Dr. Chuck Ledbetter.

Students can attend the schools based on a Hardship Clause, that gives military families options when it comes to public schools.

Ledbetter says he doesn’t expect to see a major boost in enrollment.

“At most were talking about probably high school kids, and even there its rare for someone that already in a school to leave.”

Federal Impact Aid will go to the school system, ensuring that taxes will not change.

“Our taxpayers will not feel any impact,” said Ledbetter.

Pike Road School system joins Autaga and Elmore Counties as school districts that allow military family students to attend schools, despite not living in the district.

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