ADOC Adds Seventy New Corrections Officers

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The effort to improve conditions in state prisons continues — as the Alabama Department of Corrections adds dozens of new officers into the system.

Trevonterrious Randall of Birmingham is one of seventy new corrections officers that have graduated into the ranks of the DOC.

Families and friends looked on as the new officers received their certification at a graduation ceremony Thursday in Selma.

Randall said he’s excited about starting his new career as a corrections officer — and all the opportunities that are available.

“It is a good time to join corrections right now because of everything that’s coming, the raises, the incentives, everything. It’s a great time to be a corrections officer,” said Randall.

Graduates completed 12-weeks of intense academic and physical training — to become certified law enforcement officers.

Randall said the training — has him ready to meet the challenge — of working in the state prison system.

“Before I came down here I had concerns, but now that I have went through the academy and passed and everything there’s nothing that I’m concerned about. The training down here has prepared me for everything that I need to take back into the institution.”

DOC officials say recruiting new corrections officers continues to be a top priority.

And they’re trying to hire about 2000 new officers over the next few years.

Under-staffing was one of the issues cited in a Department of Justice report on prison conditions in Alabama.

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