Troy City School Students Return to the Books

Troy City Schools kicking off their first day back to the books Thursday.

Superintendent of Troy City Schools Dr. Lee Hicks says the staff has been preparing all summer for the new school year.

“We are excited for the start of school, and I think the hard work is paying off,” Hicks says. “I think we’re seeing a lot of wonderful things going on in our system.”

Students like Samira Moore and Caden Bryan are making their way back to the classroom. They explain why they’re not sad to see summer vacation come to an end.

“I was really ready to get back,” Moore says. “I don’t know, I just feel like summer just blew by real fast.”

“Yes, it’s the last year, so it’s a little bit exciting,” Bryan says. “A lot of stuff is going on, a lot of senior activities.”

When you walk into Charles Henderson High this year– you’ll see a new face in the principal’s office.

Lise Fayson has been named the school’s interim principal -but she’s not new to the school system.

Fayson previously held the title “assistant principal” at Charles Henderson Middle School. She explains her lofty goals for the year.

“I want to see every student graduate, every student succeed,” Fayson says. “I’m big on personal relationships. I want every senior to walk across the stage this year and have a goal.”

Troy City Schools are also continuing a technology initiative— using the latest technology to grow students’ skills..

“We have chrome books in every classroom, just about for the students to use,” CHHS Media Specialist Sharon Rhodes says. “Our students are so technology literate, but there’s always more.”

Hicks says the schools are working to raise their overall state school grade, which currently sits at a B.

Troy City Schools serve about 1,800 students.

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