New Autism Genes Discovered + Tonsils Removal & Opioids + How to Fastly Recover from a C-Section

Researchers have identified dozens of genes that increase the risk of autism. The study at UCLA tracked families with at least two autistic children. It found 69 genes associated with the disorder, including 16 that are new to the list. Scientists said understanding the biology of autism could lead to better therapies.

Plus, six out of ten children who get their tonsils removed go home with opioid prescriptions. A study at the University of Michigan tracked thousands of patients, as young as one year old. Between 2016 and 2017, more than half of privately insured children were given powerful painkillers, even though guidelines suggest non addictive drugs like ibuprofen.

Finally, doctors said new mothers may recover more quickly from C-sections if they cut back on opioids. Kaiser Permanente hospitals in California focused on using fewer painkillers… and getting patients up and walking sooner after surgery. They said those moms recovered faster, and were more engaged in caring for their newborns.

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