Eastdale Mall Renovations Underway

If you saw a helicopter flying low over Eastdale Mall Sunday morning, you were probably wondering what was going on.

The mall is going through some improvements and sight of a chopper drew a small crowd.

On-looker Tyler Weatherbee was driving down the road when he caught a glimpse of the aircraft.

“I love aircraft,” Weatherbee says. “It was a different kind of helicopter I had never seen and I had seen the cables below it so i wanted to come and check out what they were doing over here”

Four air conditioning units were being replaced on the roof of the mall.

General manager Richard Holman says the project is a $250,000 capital investment.

“The helicopter come because the crane wasn’t going to reach center court where we’re placing some of the units at today,” Holman says. “He can do his lift real quick, not take up the whole day.”

Some of the air conditioning units had stopped working. Others were simply old.
Holman says this is the beginning of a plan to improve the mall, including adding more stores and making the overall customer shopping experience more enjoyable.

“Well, we’re right now looking at doing some more H-VAC work, we’re right now looking to do some roofing, right now doing some updates to some of our stores” Holman says. “We’ve got a lot of new stores coming.”

No timetable has been set for the completion of all projects, but phase one of the plan is now complete.

“It’s going to be a cooler place to walk around and shop at,” Holman says.

Weatherbee got a show he didn’t expect to see.

“I’m used to seeing aircraft, but not like that kind, so that’s why it kind of caught my curiosity,” Weatherbee says.

Holman says Sunday morning was the only available time for changing the a-c units because the mall doesn’t open until 1:00.

They wanted to make sure no customers would be hurt in the process.

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