8th Annual Congressional Job Fair

Live with Congresswoman Terri Sewell

Thursday, August 8, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (D) will host her 8th Annual Job Fair at Wallace Community College Selma in Selma. The Annual Job Fair is a chance for Rep. Sewell to bring employers and job seekers together, increasing opportunity and future economic development across the 7th Congressional District.

“Our annual Job Fair is one of the most important events that we host all year,” said Rep. Sewell. “This year, we return to the Black Belt to host our 8th Annual Job Fair. Each year we alternate between urban and rural parts of the district and this year I’m excited to be returning to my home town of Selma.”

“I am deeply committed to providing greater economic opportunities to all of my constituents, especially those in the Black Belt, and a key component to that begins with the dignity of a job,” said Rep. Sewell. “We are thrilled to connect job seekers with over 70 employers from 14 industry sectors including manufacturing, hospitality, automotive, healthcare and state and local government. I remain committed to helping all of my constituents access the resources they need to secure better economic opportunities.”

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