Andy Burcham Welcomed as Voice of the Auburn Tigers

Andy Burcham is officially the new voice of the Auburn Tigers. The announcement comes after longtime Auburn announcer Rod Bramblett and his wife Paula were killed in a car accident in May.

“It is with great humbleness and happiness that I take this job as the voice of the Auburn Tigers. It is the worst possible way to do it though. It’s certainly that I wanted but never under this circumstance. I carry on the legacy of Rod Bramblett, Paul Ellen, Jim Fyffe, Buddy Rutledge, and Jerry Sanders all gentleman who were terrific in their own right,” said Burcham.

Auburn athletic officials say, the process of choosing a new voice for the tigers was very difficult. But they have confidence in Burcham’s leadership.

“Andy Burcham and his commitment to Auburn for 30 plus years, his ability to do it in a very passionate way and his integrity-all of those things came to a light,” said Chris Davis, Vice President and General Manager of Auburn Sports Properties.

“I want to thank Andy for being such a gracious auburn man throughout this process and understanding and seeing his true since of self has been incredibly rewarding,” said Allen Greene, Auburn Athletics Director.

Burcham says he is optimistic about the future.

“I’m going to have to gain some trust for coaches that I haven’t worked with yet and I look forward to that process,” said Burcham.

As for his signature call?

“It will happen organically, let’s put it that way. I’m not going to script it. It don’t know if I’ll say touchdown auburn or not – perhaps. But if it does it will be something that will be done naturally that’s for sure,” said Burcham.



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