What the Tech? New Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

The snooze button may be your best friend in the morning, but how many times are you reaching for another 9 minutes, only to oversleep? If you absolutely positively have to wake up on time, these apps will make sure you do.

Rocket Alarm Clock says it’s the ultimate wake-up call, which means, you cannot oversleep. First the volume of the alarm is loud enough to wake up even the soundest sleeper and to turn off the sound, you’ve got to complete a task.

One such task was shaking the phone hard enough and long enough to fuel an animated rocket on the screen. Another required me to blow into the microphone hard enough to chase away a UFO.

Let me tell you, it was not easy. The tasks get the blood pumping and I don’t see any way someone could doze back off to sleep.

Math Alarm requires some brain power. When the alarm goes off, you have to solve a math equation to turn it off. You can choose from easy to difficult and choose whether you need to complete 1 or 3 math problems to turn it off. You’ve got to wake up enough to think and deduce.

If you’re not very good at math it might take awhile.

Sleep cycle is different because it won’t jar you awake, rather place the phone on your nightstand. Set the time you’d like to wake up and the app uses the microphone to determine when you’re sleeping most soundly.

It listens for your breathing rhythms and when it determines you’re in a light sleep, it’ll gradually start ringing or playing music and then raising the volume.

Sleep Cycle won’t go off exactly when you set it though, but within 15 minutes of when you set it. Sleep Cycle also records how you’re sleeping and whether you spent enough time in the REM state. It saves that information within Apple’s Health App.

Alarmy, like the first two requires you to complete a task before turning off the alarm. Some of the tasks are difficult. A memory game requires you to match a set of puzzles and it won’t stop ringing until you’ve completed the task.

Another task was to choose a photo or take a picture when you set the alarm. When it went off, I had to take another photo to match the one I chose. I did not read the directions before using the app and chose a photo from my phone’s camera roll.

It was an old photo I posted to Facebook last week of my daughter’s first day of 1st grade. When the alarm went off I was
instructed to take another photo that matches the one I chose.

Since I had chosen one I had on my phone, I had to scramble through old photo albums looking for the original. Thankfully I found it, but only after walking around the house looking in photo albums.

These apps work extremely well for anyone who absolutely cannot oversleep but don’t forget that you set one or you may find yourself up too early on a Saturday trying to turn it off.

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