Staying Safe During the Extreme Heat

Montgomery is in the grip of a dangerous heat wave, with indexes well into triple digits.

In this kind of heat it’s important to be extra cautious of the dangers associated with heat exposure.

“The best thing to do is try to avoid direct exposure,” says Captain Jason Cupps of Montgomery Fire Rescue.

For people who work outside, avoiding exposure to the sun oftentimes is not an option.

Virgil McKinney of McKinney’s Lawn Care says ” we catch ourselves working in the heat of the day unfortunately. We have to pace ourselves, take plenty of breaks, and drink plenty fluids.”

Heat exhaustion progresses in three stages.

The first sign is  muscle cramps.

Next, heat exhaustion sets in and a person will  become dizzy, nauseous, and the skin will appear flushed.

The last and most dangerous stage is heat stroke, a serious condition that can cause irreversible damage to the body.

” People can have siezers, they almost stop sweating at that point,” says Cupps

Anytime the  heat becomes excessive, the city of Montgomery’s more than 20 community centers and seven Montgomery City/County Public Library branches will serve as cooling stations during normal operating hours.

Here is a link to Community Centers and operating times.

This is a link to public libraries and operating times.

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