Troy University Students Head Back to Classes

Troy University classes kicked off the fall semester Wednesday.

Starting college can no doubt be an overwhelming time for students.

“I’m a little bit anxious,” student Jermaine Van Buren says. “I never can sleep the first day of class.”

Van Buren is one of thousands of students who have made the transition back to college- a step that can bring a lot of stress.

“Its’ super overwhelming, especially for those freshmen,” UAC President Taylor Holt says.

Campus organizations at Troy are working to make sure students feel welcome.

“We’re trying to make it easier by being out here on the quad, and just helping them find their classes,” Holt says.
“We’re handing out free snow cones to students,” Campus pastor Justin Felch says. “It’s very hot and very humid, so we feel like snow cones would be a great way to serve students.”

Several groups stood outside on the first day of class, helping students with directions to classes and helping them make friends.

“One of the things that we emphasize to students is that its important that they find their community on campus, that they’re going to be stressful time in life but when we have people to walk with us through those times, and we can have people to encourage us,” Felch says.

For students who are feeling stressed, student leaders give tips –like relaxing and taking as much pressure as possible off your shoulders.
They also advise finding an organization that fits your interests and make friends who can help you transition to college.

“The first day and the first week is always kind of hectic,” Van Buren says. “People are trying to get acclimated. Financial aid trying to come in. I would say just to take a deep breathe, to rest, to relax and really catch the big picture that you’re starting your first day of a long, lasting education.”

Campus leaders also encourage students to reach out to counselors and other mentors if they need help adjusting to college life.

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