Vandalism at a Selma Cemetery Sparks Outrage

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Several acts of vandalism at a Selma cemetery has residents outraged — and left police — searching for the people responsible.

“I really don’t know why people do this.”

Melanie Boutwell went out to New Live Oak Cemetery — to check on the grave sites of her loved ones Wednesday morning — after learning on social media that some graves at the cemetery had been vandalized.

“Maybe they’ll catch ’em. I mean, but it’s shame that they do stuff like this,” she said.

“I just think its terrible that people would come out and do this type of vandalism at a cemetery. This final resting place for people’s family members, or loved ones, or friends, and for people to come out here and do something like this is just absolutely evil,” said Cemetery Superintendent John Coon.

Coon said some cemetery benches were damaged and about eight grave markers were knocked over by vandals earlier this week.

“I’ve been at the cemetery department for nine years and this the first time we’ve had this level of vandalism,” he said. “And the first instance of vandalism to markers. There are heavy fines for desecrating a grave and this would be called desecrating a grave.”

The Selma Police Department is investigating.

Anyone with information that could help — call (334) 874-2125.

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