Will Alabama Residents Soon Be Allowed to Have Wine and Beer Delivered to their Door?

Alabama may soon join 45 other states, in allowing the shipment of wine and beer to consumers.

A study task force met for the second time today at the Alabama State House.

There were seven seperate bills in the Legislature last session on the issue, and lawmakers could not come to terms with any of those bills.

Lawmakers could not find common ground on how many bottles a person can have shipped, taxation, and safeguards for minors.

A study task force was created to research the feasability of such a law.

The task force is composed of businesses, lawmakers, and members Alabama Beverage Control.

The goal of the task force is to come to consensus, and legalize the shipping of wine to consumers in Alabama.

Representative Terri Collins (R) Decatur, says “we are moving towards convenience as a society, I think that’s important but just the simple even if your traveling and want to send one case back or just a few bottles back.”

Collins authored a bill that had overwhelming support in the House of Representatives, but was not forwarded to the upper house.

The task force is scheduled to report back to lawmakers on Dec. 1, but Senator Jabo Waggoner says he plans to have a resolution before that deadline.

“I don’t want this thing to linger on into the session next Febuary,” said Waggoner.





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