Troy Animal Center Rescues Abandoned Puppies

The Troy Animal Rescue Project in Troy is working to rescue a litter of puppies that were dumped off on a busy highway in Pike County.

Founder Tiffany Howington tells Alabama News Network they’ve located three of those puppies, but they’re still searching for the rest.

The scorching temperatures and well-traveled roads make a dangerous combination for animals being abandoned.

“We actually found one of the puppies and then one of our neighbors started reviewing her cameras, and she actually found there was actually six in the litter,” Howington says.

One puppy was found in a drainage pipe. Three are still missing.

“Unfortunately the puppies were in pretty bad shape. they have skin problems, they have a bunch of fleas and ticks,” Howington says.

Abandoned animals is an issue Troy Animal Rescue Project sees often.

“We’re intaking everyday, and most of those puppies are coming in off dirt roads, they’re coming off of highways,” Howington says.

She wants to make sure people know there are better options that just dropping animals off beside roadways, like bringing them to the shelter.

“These sweethearts will actually be vetted. We will keep them until al their skin issues have cleared and then we will adopt them out to families,” Howington says.

The Center is hoping to locate the other dogs before something worse happens.

If would like to help TARP with vetting needs, you can click here for Troy Animal Rescue Project.

You can also donate at Troy Animal Clinic.

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