UPDATE: Police Identify 2 Men Shot And Killed Near Alabama State University

Montgomery Police have identified Justin Martin, 24 and Jacquez Hall, 21 as two of the victims in a deadly shooting near Alabama State University Thursday night. Hall was an ASU student.

Police responded to the the 800 block of North University Drive, around 7:15 Thursday night. Martin was pronounced dead at the scene. Hall was rushed to Baptist Medical Center South, where he was later pronounced dead.

Three more men were taken to the hospital in personal vehicles, two of them with life-threatening injuries.

At a press conference Friday morning, President Quinton Ross stood along other ASU officials and expressed their condolences to both victim’s families’.  “My heart is heavy today” Ross said “because it is difficult to look a parent in their face and express to them the loss of their son that they sent away to go to school”. Ross said that he met with Jacquez Hall’s parents, after the Thursday-night shooting.

Ross and other ASU officials reiterated several times that the shooting was at an event held at a business nearby Alabama State University and not on it’s campus.

MPD is still investigating the circumstances that led up to the fatal shooting, and have not made any arrests.

Police ask individuals with knowledge of this fatal shooting to call CrimeStoppers at 215-
STOP, Secret Witness at 625-4000, or MPD at 625-2831.

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