Welcome Back: Move-in Day at AUM

It was a busy day at Auburn University at Montgomery as the university welcomed 572 new freshman: “Me and a friend have been doing it yesterday and today. We didn’t really have to, but I was like I gotta get up early anyways, so I might as well do it.”

Alyssa Harper is a senior at AUM and serves as an RHA. She’s no stranger to the struggles of move in day: “Don’t go too overboard because you gotta move it all back out at the end of the year.”

Harper was one of a number of volunteers to lend a helping hand, but she also has a piece of advice for 1st year students: “Take it all in and don’t rush anything because it goes by so so quickly… and just have fun. ”

Gracelyn Mitchell is an incoming freshman from Evergreen and plans to major in nursing, but her first big challenge at AUM will consist of unpacking boxes and settling in her new dorm: “I’m a little excited and frustrated because you can see how much I have.” Reporter Mandy McQueen asked, “What all did you bring?” Mitchell responded,”Oh, I brought my whole house.” ….But she wasn’t the only one.

“Everything. She brought everything.” Ontario Tillman and his family are from Birmingham. While some parents may find move in day emotional, Tillman said it’s a happy day in his household: “Aw man it’s a great feeling. It’s fun. I’ve been messing with her all day, playing around with her and telling her not to leave, not to go, but in reality I’m happy.”

Classes at AUM begin Monday.