Montgomery Election Day is One Week Away

The race for Mayor of Montgomery is heating up, and with just one week to go until the August 27th election candidates are ramping up their efforts.

Although the election is in one week, citizens I talked to did not seem very interested in the race.

Political analyst Steve Flowers questions citizens enthusiasm for the election.

“Are Montgomerians really getting excited and interested in this race?” asked Flowers.

Twelve people are running for the office. According to Flowers there’s a high probability there will be a run-off.

Citizens I talked to today say the next Mayor should have a focus on education and crime.

“There’s a lot of crime in the Montgomery area, so i’d like to see that go down, also we have a lot of failing schools in the district besides the Magnet schools” said Jesse Rogers.

Some candidates have drawn criticism after their performance in recent Mayoral forums, but Flowers says that does not necessarily discredit their candidacy.

“Some of these people are very well qualified, but they’re not good people people, they’re not good one on one, and they’re not good in forums, but of course they’ve never run before.”

If one candidate does not receive the majority of votes, there will be a run-off election on October 8th.

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