Pike County Roads Could Be Fixed in 2020

Pike County Commission members are working to make your ride on the road a little smoother.

Nearly 60 miles of 21 different Pike County Roads will be resurfaced or fixed as part of a fiscal year 2020 plan.

Pike County Commission Chairman Robin Sullivan says residents should start seeing those changes early next year.  This project is being made possible as a result of the state gas tax increase, which begins in September.

Sullivan says the County should start seeing some of that gas tax money in January 2020.
He says many county roads are well over sixty years old— and are rough on cars. He tells us if it wasn’t for this new gas tax increase, he’s not sure how or when the roads would improve.

“We had no funding to pay fix anything and now that this funding is going to be available to us after the first of the year, we’ve got a plan to make it work and we have to submit that plan and it has to be approved by the state. It’s ready to go,” Sullivan said.

Alabamians will start to see that first six cents gas tax increase on September 1st. There are plans in place to repair 185 miles of Pike County roads over the next 15 years.

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