What the Tech? App of the Day: GameDay IMG Football Apps

A couple of years ago some friends decided it’d be a good idea to have their wedding at 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon in October.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be there to celebrate but there were multiple college football games on the schedule. I was going to miss one of the biggest games of the year involving my favorite team.

I went to the app stores looking for a solution.

GameDay, apps developed by IMG is for college football fans whether they can watch the game on television or in person. They’re also great if you’re unable to do either.

Just search the app stores for “GameDay IMG”, there are other Game Day apps as well but IMG seems to have the best versions. You can also search GameDay and your school’s name.

IMG has partnered with several major college programs to offer the radio broadcast, rosters and the latest news.

You can also search for your team or school. Many schools now have their own apps with live broadcasts and news. Some charge a subscription to listen to live broadcasts but many do not.

I’m a fan of the IMG GameDay apps and it has saved me during fall soccer games and the occasional wedding.

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