150th Year of College Football Kicks Off in Montgomery

Saturdays in the South mean football, and the 150th year of college football in America kicked off right here in the Capital City.

Brutal heat greeted fans at Montgomery’s Cramton Bowl for the 2PM kickoff, but the heat didn’t drain the spirits of fans ready to see some football.

“It’s exciting to be here to see the college season kick off, so it’s neat for both of us to be here,” said Paul Craycraft.

Craycraft’s son plays quarterback for Youngstown State. Craycraft and his family drove all the way from Ohio to Montgomery for the game.

“It’s about an 11 hour drive to get down here it’s the first time we’ve all been to Alabama so were pumped up about that, its been great we love Montgomery.  We’ve had a good time here” says Craycraft.

Other fans who were in Montgomery for the first time agreed with Craycraft.

“Everyone has treated us really well and made us feel at home,” said Nick DeCesar.

Excitement was in the air, as kick-off drew near. Fans of both teams expressed how excited they were for the season to begin.

One thing was for sure, Montgomery was a good host. For many fans it was their first visit, and for all it was a memorable one.

“We just feel really welcomed in Montgomery, we’re blessed to be here, and excited to start this 150th year of college football.”

Youngstown St. won the game 45-22 over Samford.

This is the third consecutive year the FCS Kickoff Classic was held in Montgomery.


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