Flowers Talks About the Lead-Up To Election Day

Montgomery residents will be heading to the polls this week to vote in the city elections. Voters have only hours to decide their choice for the next Montgomery mayor.

We spoke with Political Analyst Steve Flowers Sunday afternoon. He told Alabama News Network that he’s seen an increase in voter interest in the last week.

“People have really focused and gotten interested in this Montgomery Mayor’s race,” Flowers said.

There are several candidates to choose from– twelve to be exact. All come from a variety of backgrounds and all have different ideas for the future direction of the city.
Flowers says a candidate’s success will lie in how much they’ve reached out to voters in the final days.

“You’ll see who has a good ground game, probably will make a difference in the results,” Flowers said.

Flowers says a critical difference will be made in who makes it to the polls: “At this point in time, you got to have identified who your strongest supporters are and get them to the polls. Because it’s not necessarily polls as to who people are going to vote for, it’s who shows up to vote,” Flowers said.

Polls will open from 7 to 7 Tuesday at voting locations across the city.
You can find out more about the Mayoral Candidates here.

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