MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Increased Risk for Heart Disease + Babies & Opioids + Perks of Fasting

Total deaths from Cardiometabolic disease…including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension have been increasing since 2011. According to a new study from Northwestern University, researchers said the majority of the deaths are preventable, and the main culprit is the rise in obesity.

Also, University of Utah researchers said studies on how children fare after being exposed to opioids in the womb have too few study participants, and their results are inconsistent. They said results that point to a child’s inability to sit still, pay attention and control their behavior could just as well be the result of the child’s physical environment.

Finally, the largest study of its kind found healthy people who fast every other day experience significant health benefits. Austrian researchers found fasters had lower levels of cholesterol and lost belly fat.

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