Woods and Reed Continue to the Race For Montgomery Mayor

First there were 12 and now there are only two candidates vying to be Montgomery’s next mayor as the race continues.

Alabama News Network spoke with both Steven Reed and David Woods as they prepare for a runoff on Oct. 8.

“This is what we’ve been wanting for six months, is to be in the runoff and now we are here,” said Woods.

“We almost got double the amount of our second place opponent, so we’re proud that the city of Montgomery understood the message we want to convey for the future,” said Reed.

A tight race in the beginning ended up with Steven Reed coming out on top but it wasn’t quite enough to win out right. Now, both candidates are continuing their campaigns since neither candidate got a majority of the vote plus one.

“What we have is now a race between us and a long time, second generation politician,” said Woods.

David Woods, a local TV station owner and businessman, is working to cover a lot of ground ensure people of change as he prepares for the runoff.

“People want change, they want someone who has a vision for Montgomery and who is willing to work hard to bring that vision into reality. I believe that a lot of the voters that voted for these other candidates, will be on our team,” said Woods.

Montgomery County Probate Judge Steven Reed says he is humbled by the turnout but doesn’t want to get comfortable.

“At this point in time we feel like we know where our votes are, we feel like our message is working and resonating with the community. We just have to make sure that we don’t get comfortable and don’t take anything for granted and we start at zero again,” said Reed.

Reed says one of the biggest challenges he plans to tackle is encouraging voters to go out and vote a second time.

“The concern is always can you get your voters back out in the runoff and so we want to build that enthusiasm and we want to build a sense of urgency of what’s at stake for the next four years,” said Reed.

The winner will be sworn in as mayor Nov. 12 at Montgomery City Hall.

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