American Red Cross Prepares Emergency Response Vehicles

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles are staging in Montgomery as Hurricane Dorian makes its way to the east coast.  Today we got an inside look at how the volunteers are preparing.

These crews will be deployed up and down the east coast to some of the hardest hit areas.  Right now, it’s still too early to know where exactly they’ll be headed.

We do know that these volunteers will be deployed for at least two weeks.  For some volunteers this is their first time, others say they’ve been doing this for years.  They’ll be providing much needed resources in the communities hit hardest by Hurricane Dorian.

“They’re responsible for right after the disaster being in the community and giving water and snacks, as well as clean up kits that include things like bleach and tarps, shovels and gloves, to make sure that those residents affected have the immediate necessities,” explained Annette Rowland with the American Red Cross.

Rowland says all Emergency Response Vehicles will be in Montgomery by Tuesday night.

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