Labor Day Classic Week Continues With a Community Block Party

Alabama State University and Tuskegee University are preparing to face each other in the Labor Day Classic Football game Saturday. Tuesday afternoon, the special week kicked off with a community block party.

There was of course plenty of fun for everyone, lots of activities and prizes.

The block party is one of many events that will be held throughout the week leading up to the labor day classic game between the Hornets and the Golden Tigers. We spoke with students from both schools on what this occasion means to them.

“To see Alabama State and Tuskegee come together on common ground like this and fellowship together and love one another, in spite of competition speaks volumes on both universities. It speaks volumes on Dr. Ross. It speaks volumes on Alabama State and Tuskegee university as well,” said David Whitlow, Alabama State University SGA President.

“We’re just very happy. The atmosphere around our campus is so surreal and even here at state we kind of feel the love – the HBCU love so I’m definitely excited for this game,” said Micah Grey, Tuskegee University SGA President.

The Labor Day Classic game between ASU and Tuskegee is Saturday, beginning at 5 pm at ASU Stadium.

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