Lee County Tornado 6 Months Later

It’s been six months since a EF-4 tornado shook the Beauregard community in Lee County to its core.

23 people lost their lives, the youngest of them was six years old.

Six months later  and efforts to rebuild are still underway.

Many residents have rebuilt on their properties, some tracts of land have ongoing construction.

The landscape of Beauregard is not what it was before the tornado.

Tree’s still remain on the ground untouched from the day they snapped like toothpicks.

Residents we spoke with say they knew there was a possibility for severe weather, but were not prepared for the devastation that was to come.

Gwendolyn Washington and her family were in the living room of their home when the tornado hit.

She says the power went out and before they knew what was happening they were looking at the sky and the house was flying through the air.

” It was like nightmare, it really was like a nightmare,” says Williams.

Today there was a moment of silence at 2:03pm across Lee County to remember the victims. The first of the tornado’s also touched ground at 2:03PM.

Lee County EMA officials urge people to download the Lee EMA app, to have up to the minute weather notifications and warnings.

Some people have rebuilt, but are not happy with the way their claim was handled. They say they didn’t receive the assistance that other residents have.

In the days, weeks , and months after the Tornado, the saying “Beauregard Strong” emerged. A testament to the strength of this community.

“The whole community, people that I knew and people that I don’t know or anything. Everybody came together, and it took something like this.” said Washington

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