U.S. Senator Doug Jones Holds Town Hall Meeting in Pike County

Hearing from Alabama’s younger generation– United States Senator Doug Jones made a stop in Pike County Tuesday to talk with students about current issues they’re concerned with.

It’s all  part of a series of town hall meetings he’s holding this week to gain perspective from students and community members.

“Mainly to hear from these young people- what’s on their mind and how they’re doing, what they see the future is going to be,” Jones said.

Dozens of people gathered at the event. Jones talked about several issues— as well as his time as a U.S. Senator.

“It’s jobs, it’s healthcare, it’s economy, it’s national security,” Jones said.

A main concern in the audience: gun control, as recent shootings continue to top headlines.
Lashonda Martin is the founder of a local non profit called “Saving Our Youth.” She explained her main concern– bringing communities together.

“Being in the field of a nonprofit, helping local youth, I wanted to get his insight on how we can continue to bridge the gap in our communities, and how can we get our communities together,” Martin said.

Raydiance Thomas is a Troy University junior whose question was about maternal healthcare: “My main issue is policy, especially in the medical field and how it pertains to to specific demographics, particularly, black women,” Thomas said.

Jones explains it’s not all about what he has to say and do– but what the people of Alabama are concerned about:
“This is an important area in the state of Alabama. It’s important for me to come down here, not to talk about the things i’ve been doing but mainly to listen,” Jones said.

Jones’ next town hall is Wednesday in Rainsville for people in Jackson and Dekalb counties.

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