Lawmakers Tour Staton Correctional Facility

Today some lawmakers got a first hand look at some of the problems facing Alabama’s prison system.

The governors study group on criminal justice policy was at Staton Prison Wednesday  morning.

When the Department of Justice issued a report to Alabama claiming that conditions inside state prisons was unconstitutional, overcrowding was one of the issued listed.

That report prompted Governor Ivey to create this group and fast track prison reform in Alabama.

The state is currently considering plans to build three new mega prisons. The current prison infrastructure is outdated.

Lawmakers on in the group have said that all options are on the table in their talks about prison reform.

Alabama is trying to avoid litigation by reforming the prison system that is badly in need of an overhaul.

Staton Correctional was built in 1978 and houses some 1300 inmates. That’s hundreds more than it was originally designed to hold.

After the tour, Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn said  “everything that you’ve seen on the tour and every point that I’ve tried to make is with one primary goal: public safety that is realized when an inmate successfully re-enters society as a productive citizen.”

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