Montgomery’s Salvation Army Could Relocate To Make Room For White Water Center

Project Catalyst (Source: Montgomery County Commission)

As we’ve reported in August, a U.S. National White Water Center is coming to the Capital City soon. Construction is set to begin on the multi-million dollar project in Fall 2020.

As city leaders work with developers to finalize the plans, it could mean a big move for Montgomery’s Salvation Army that’s headquartered close to the proposed site. That’s if officials agree to sell the property.

Montgomery’s newest attraction will bring white water rafting, zip lines, hiking, and more along the Alabama River within walking distance of downtown.  But in order to make this a reality, ideally the city of Montgomery would like to purchase additional land from Montgomery’s Salvation Army located on Maxwell Blvd.

When asked about the hold up on the sale, Strange said “what we’ve agreed to do is buy the property and they’re asking for more than the value”.

According to Lt. Bryan Farrington with the Salvation Army,  the city has valued the property at $5.3 million, Farrington says it’ll cost more to relocate.

“We’re absolutely open to move, we’ve made that known” Farrington explained, but not if it means under-serving clients who need the Salvation Army’s assistance.

He says it’s important that the new location is easy to get to, for clients and also close to other resources they need. Strange believes its possible to go forward with construction without the sale, but still both sides are remaining optimistic.

“I don’t think the Salvation Army will be the stumbling block” said Strange, they want to see this [project] as much as anybody else, they want to get a new facility they need a new facility”.

“We’re still in negotiations with the city and I just believe that it will happen” said Farrington “We’ll get to there we get to where we need to be it’s just a time element”.

The mayor says he hopes both sides can come to an agreement within the next 30 days, if that doesn’t happen he says officials will begin looking at other options, which could mean building the white water center around the Salvation Army.

You can read more about Montgomery’s white water center and it’s estimated impact here. 


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