Southern League Playoffs Begin for the Montgomery Biscuits

Will the Montgomery Biscuits bring the Southern League Championship home?

Many fans spent Wednesday night cheering for a major win, while also having a night of fun.

“We bought one of the champion packages which includes all the tickets for all the post-season games,” said John Bruce.

Leading up to the playoffs, the team’s season has been full of wins.

“Our team won 88 games which is a franchise record. The previous record was 81,” said Mike Murphy, the Biscuits General Manager.

The last time the Biscuits brought a Southern League Championship home was in 2007. Fans attending game 1 of this year’s playoffs say they did not want to miss the action on the field.

As for how the team is feeling?

“Towards the end of the season it’s a long grind for these guys. So they’re always looking forward to the playoffs. It’s something that has a little bit more meaning than your regular season games,” said Murphy.

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