MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Hearing aids for people over 66 yrs old + Sugar tax on snacks + Perks & downfalls of vegan diets

A new study examined the benefits of hearing aids for older adults. Researchers at the University of Michigan found the devices actually lowered the risk of dementia, depression, anxiety, and serious falls in hearing loss patients over the age of 66.

Plus, new research in the British Medical Journal suggested a snack tax, rather than a sugary drink tax, could help combat obesity. Researchers found increasing the price on sugary snacks, like cakes and sweets, by 20-percent ultimately led to less consumption and weight loss.

Finally, adopting a vegetarian, vegan or fish diet may have mixed health benefits. U.K. researchers found those diets resulted in a lower risk of coronary heart disease, but led to a higher risk of stroke.

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