What the Tech? Gadgets to Use in an Emergency

You may have a safe space in your home in case of a bad storm, but your smartphone can also be a lifeline in emergency situations, unless the battery dies.

Some storms can knock out power for days. So it’s important to have at least one portable battery charger per phone or device.

The bigger the better. Large portable chargers can re-charge a smartphone 3 or more times. Check out the Powerbanks that double as a car battery jump starter. You can store one in the glove compartment for on-the-road emergencies and charge your phone.

You can always charge your phone in the car. If you do, it’s best to use the AC adapter or cigarette lighter. The USB plugs in newer cars may keep a charged battery fresh but it’s not powerful enough to charge a phone quickly.

Remember, never run the car in a closed garage or space.

If you want to provide power to a laptop check out the solar powered generators from Goal Zero. They even have solar panels that’ll provide power to the generators and to your phone. No electricity needed.

If the power goes out you have no home internet or WiFi. Cell towers can become overwhelmed with people making calls. If you’re having trouble getting through, use a messaging app such as WeChat or even Facebook Messenger. These use less bandwidth and can generally get through.

Another app, Zello uses wifi, cell and bluetooth signals. Emergency responders use it so you can hear live reports of what’s going on. And you can talk to friends and family, walkie-talkie style.

Stay safe and stay connected. These tech gadgets are good to have if you ever need them.

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