Adams Drugs Receives Statewide Recognition as a Retailer of the Year

For decades Adams Drugs has been making it easier for people to fill prescriptions.

“We find that the closer we get to the big box stores, because we can handle the volume because 95 percent of our business is prescriptions,” said Mike Vinson, Owner of Adams Drugs.

This week the store is being recognized statewide with 14 other businesses as a retailer of the year.

Mike and Lee Vinson are the owners.

Mike Vinson says plenty has changed since the store opened 57 years ago, which can sometime present challenges.

“Insurance companies and middle men have gotten into the business of deciding what you’re going to take, when you’re going to take it and how long you’re going to take it.” a lot of times we’re forced to turn into claims adjusters to get a claim to go through,” said Mike Vinson.

Rick brown, President of Alabama’s Retail Association says right now retail in Alabama is at its highest.

“Especially if you do retail well. Those folks are growing their businesses and they continue to prosper and they continue to serve their community,” said Brown.

The group says nearly 400,000 people are employed Alabama Retailers.

“The great thing about a great retailer is great customer service and that’s what makes a difference. This would differentiate from somebody not so good of a retailer,” said Brown.

According to Alabama’s Retail Association website, the state’s retail sales account for one point five percent of retail sales nationally.

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