Labor Day Classic Brings Fans Together

Football fans from all around were at ASU Stadium Saturday for the third annual Labor Day Classic football game.
The stands were full, grills had been fired up, and excitement filled the air.

“The football stadium gets full, and then with football, it’s always a great day,” ASU student Selina Smith said.

“We’re having a wonderful time,” ASU Fan Ray Bell said. We’re certainly great to have this activity going on. Everybody is enjoying theirself.”

The Alabama State Hornets took on the Tuskegee Golden Tigers in the game and brought hundreds of fans from both sides to ASU Stadium for the annual rivalry game.

“We just get to enjoy ourselves, and, you know, see alumni, see old friends and new friends,” Tuskegee fan Tynesa Williams said. “But, it’s basically a big family reunion with a little family feud in between.”

Even young fans like Chloe Surles were excited to take part in the game day activities.

“They have the bouncy houses here and they have big yard to run around. but my most favorite part about it is the food because I really like it,” Surles said.

No matter the outcome of the game, fans of both teams say they will put their differences aside and get along just fine.

“When the game is over, we’ll go over and give them a big Tuskegee hug whether we win or lose,” Tuskegee fan Sarah Stringer said.

“We have like a really big rivalry but at the same time, its all love and respect for each other,” Smith said.

Labor Day classic festivities will conclude during Sunday’s annual Battle of the Bands.

The event will kick off at 2 p-m at Alabama State’s football stadium.

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