Hurricane Dorian Devastates Montgomery Man’s Family

Ron Dean has only seen pictures and videos of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas,  but his entire family has been living the nightmare for more than a week now.

Dean owns the Knick Knacker Market and Grocery Store, in Downtown Montgomery.  He is a native of the Bahamas and says his entire family lost everything as Hurricane Dorian ripped through the islands for days.

“I’m emotional and I’m not even there so you can imagine the people that have been through that storm and the trauma of losing loved ones” he said.

Dean hasn’t been back home in 13 years. He says he’s now planning to make the trip as soon as possible to help his loved ones, though he says he’s only heard from a few. Those that he has made contact with “have lost everything, the only thing they have are the clothes on their back” he explained.

There’s now a small donation container at the register of his downtown store. He is collecting donations and supplies at his store to eventually send to his loved ones. With an estimated 70,000 Bahamian people now homeless, Dean says he’s trying to focus on how he can help residents in any way.

The donations may not amount to much, he says,  but it was important to do something…anything. “I’ve never really begged before, but in this case I’m begging on behalf of the Bahamian people”.

Dean has also set up a GoFundMe page for his family, it can be found here; but he’s asking others to give to any reputable organization offering much needed aide to his homeland.

Here’s a list of “Top Rated” charities, according to CharityWatch, raising money for Hurricane Dorian relief.


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