Inaugural Troy For Troops 9/11 Ceremony Held

Troy University students— many who were too young to remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks — came together to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Troy for Troops, a university military organization, held its inaugural 9/11 ceremony Wednesday morning.

“Its a day that changed America,” Captain Danielle Pankey told the crowd. “History books were rewritten and families were never the same again.”

Students, faculty, and first responders from surrounding areas attended the ceremony.

“I don’t really remember anything but my dad served,” student Rylie Gavulic said.

Since most students wouldn’t have memories of the event, Pankey wants to educate the students on how the attacks changed America.

“We have a number of students on campus now who, all they know of 9/11 is in text books,” Pankey said. “So we want to make sure that memory still serves on and that they understand the importance of this day.”

The ceremony included guest speakers, a moment of silence, and a memorial walk around Troy University’s Bibb Graves Quad. The walk was made up of pictures of 9/11’s timeline, so that students could learn more about the events leading up to the attacks.

“That was part of the reason I wanted to serve,” Pankey said. “I wanted to serve my country. It put things in perspective for me because I was in college at the time.”

“I actually had a friend of mine whose father had committed suicide years after the attack, because of the depression and what he had to go through when he was in Iraq”,” Veterans Outreach Coordinator David Sims said.

Troy for Troops officials say the plan to continue the memorial event in the years to come. Captain Pankey encouraged students to honor the lives lost by thanking current first responders and emergency officials for the sacrifices they make every day.

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