Mayor Todd Strange Reflects on Montgomery’s Growth

Time in office is winding down for Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

However, he says that he hopes the city continues to move in a good direction.

From more hotels to more residential locations, downtown Montgomery is not the same as it was 10 years ago when Mayor Todd Strange stepped into office.

“This is just not the culmination, but the continuation,” said Strange.

The revitalization also includes more businesses that are making downtown Montgomery home.

“If you make the right and go down commerce street, you’re going to see the renovation of a $5 million restaurant that we’ll be announcing formally within the next couple of weeks,” said Strange.

Mayor Strange says building up the area has been done without spending a lot of government money.

“There’s probably $5 or $6 million of government funds in that. But there are a $100 million plus of private sector,” said Strange.

Strange says, the private sector is the driving force behind the city’s growth.

“We’ve primed the pump and we’ve kind of bridged the gap so the private sector will continue to move forward,” said Strange.

However, the mayor says he would like to see the city become more of a destination.

“We don’t have any real infrastructure for tourism to move around downtown. We really need to get that,” said Strange.

As for advice for the next mayor of Montgomery?

“Take what’s good and move it forward. Take what’s not so good and and let’s see if we can make it better,” said Strange.

Strange says the next administration should quickly focus on bringing more dollars to the city from infrastructure for tourism.

People living in Montgomery will have the opportunity to choose the city’s next mayor in a run-off election on Tuesday, October 8th.

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