MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: New moms & blood pressure + Decrease of HPV in men + Teens w/ opioid treatment

A new program is convincing more new mothers with high blood pressure- to go for follow up care. Researchers in Pittsburgh found the percentage of new moms who went for follow-up appointments six weeks after giving birth jumped more than 20 points… when the women were given a home blood pressure cuff and were prompted to text their readings to a nurse.

And the number of oral HPV infections among unvaccinated men dropped as the overall HPV vaccination rate rose according to a new Jama study. Researchers say men likely benefited from herd protection due to the increased level of HPV vaccination in women.

Finally, a new Yale study found teens with severe opioid use disorder may benefit from opioid treatment medications. Researchers said only 2-to-5 percent of teens with an opiod use disorder currently receive medical treatment.

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