Longtime Pastor of First Baptist Church of Montgomery to Retire in June 2020

Pastor Jay Wolf of First Baptist Church of Montgomery will soon step out of the pulpit.

“I can’t turn the calendar back. I’m 65 and I think it’s time for a new season,” said Wolf.

For 31 years, Wolf has been the leader of the church that sits in the heart of downtown Montgomery. During that time, he has been vocal on many topics.

“Over the years you have given me the privilege of being a spokesperson and seeing, “What is a Christian world view regarding our state, our local community, or a national issue?” said Wolf.

The church has over 5,000 members. Wolf is hoping a new leader will take the church to new heights.

“At a time of change you can have some dispersion. I’m looking for cohesion. This is no time to pull back. This is the time to go forward and I’m calling our church to intersession, cohesion, and progression,” said Wolf.

He has a great vision for the next leader.

“Somebody that is to the core a Jesus man, somebody who loves the Lord Jesus and will do two things because our two core values would be the great commandant and the great commission,” said Wolf.

After he retires in June of next year, Wolf is hoping to simply be an active member of the church.

“I want to be a vital part of it. I don’t want to just manage ministries. I want to help to do. I want to help tutor children in our Wednesday program. I want to be part of our bible mission that we do at prison,” said Wolf.

He wants the church to remain consistent in reaching others.

“The leadership can change but but our purpose is unchanging and that is to help people,” said Wolf.

Wolf says, in the next few weeks, a pastor selection team will be created to start the search for the next pastor of the church.

Wolf officially retires on June 30, 2020.


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