Pike County Farmers Prepare for Harvest Season

Drought conditions continue to affect parts of the state -especially in Pike County, where farmers are getting ready to pick their crops.

“You have your scattered rain and this is just one of the places that ain’t just got enough rain. It’s the later cotton and peanuts that need a little bit more rain to finish them up,” Pike County farmer James Bunce said.

Bunce is a cotton and peanut farmer in Brundidge. He says the drought conditions could lead him to begin picking his crops earlier than expected.

“We’re gonna keep putting into it and trying to make the best that we can,” Bunce said.

The latest drought monitor for the state, released last week, shows conditions ranging from abnormally dry to severe- leaving farmers desperately needing some rain just days before harvest season begins.

“It makes it hard to plow ‘em up, go through a lot more plow points. It’s a lot rougher on your equipment over all,” Bunce said.

Despite getting minimal rain, Bunce said some of his fields have produced a good crop.

“Cotton looks pretty good, we was a little bit later than some people on our cotton. But it’s like any time, you’re going to have fields that have really good cotton and you’re going to have some that don’t look as good, you know. Just missing them rains,” Bunce said.

Bunce says he will begin picking his cotton and peanut crops beginning next week.

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