What the Tech? App of the Day: Facebook Dating

Thanks in large part to Facebook, the 6 degrees of separation is down to three.

In other words, we’re all connected to each other through a friend of a friend of a friend.

So Facebook Dating, for some people looking for a love connection, may be the best thing to come to online dating.

It’s on everyone’s Facebook profile now in the menu. But you have to opt in to use it. It’ll use your profile photo and a few others to create a separate dating profile.

Using your Facebook profile, interests and even your likes, Facebook will make suggestions of possible matches.

They’ll probably be a friend of a friend. If you’d like to say hello, you can comment on their profile or tap the like button to let them know.

The app uses your location when you sign up. So if you won’t get suggestions of people from over 120 miles away. You can narrow it down to only people from your town. Facebook won’t match friends unless you name them a Secret Crush.

That’s where you can secretly let them know someone has a thing for them. They won’t see who, unless they name you as their Secret Crush. Your Facebook Dating activity will not be shared to the rest of Facebook.

You can also link your Instagram to Facebook Dating and name a Crush among your followers. Once you’ve spotted someone from across the room, so to speak, you can chat in the Facebook Dating app or take the conversation to Facebook Messenger rather than using your phone number.

If you become disinterested you can hide or even block them.

Facebook Dating is going to feel similar to anyone using the “Hinge” app. It doesn’t appear on your Facebook account using a computer, only on your mobile device.

Although it launched nationwide, Facebook isn’t generating dating suggestions for every part of the country just yet.

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