12-Year-Old Montgomery Twins Distribute Feminine Hygiene Products to Girls

It’s not everyday that 12-year-old girls use their own birthday money to buy feminine products for girls in need.

“I’ve always liked the thought of just helping others, helping our environment,” said Breanna Bennett.

But that’s what Breanna and Brooke Bennett did. They launched their non-profit “Women in Training” to help girls in four ways.

Their main purpose is surrounded by “Wit Kits” bags that are meant to empower and uplift girls.

“We have cute journals that they can write in when they just want to express their feelings because all girls need that moment. We have some menstrual products. We have some soap and things that make that time of the month so much better,” said Breanna Bennett.

“Back in my day it was really taboo to talk about the personal of young ladies but today, it needs to be something that’s open and celebrated because it is a woman’s right of passage from childhood to womanhood,” said Claudia Mitchell, a board member or Women in Training.

The twins say, this is just the beginning.

“It makes me really happy because now they now have those things that they need,” said Brook Bennett.

If you would like to help the girls of Women in Training, you can send feminine hygiene products, toiletries, or a check to:

Women in Training P.O. Box 231394 Montgomery, AL 36123 

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