Tuscaloosa Officers Death Resonates with Greenville Police Department

Tuscaloosa may be nearly 150 miles from Greenville, but Officer Dornell Cousette’s death in the line of duty Monday sends waves through the law enforcement community.

“Anytime something this tragic happens in law enforcement , no matter where it is, we all feel it.”

Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn is no stranger to the feeling. Since he’s been Chief, one officer has died in the line of duty in Greenville.

In 2019 alone Mobile, Birmingham, and Auburn have lost officers in the line of duty to gunfire.

“It’s like living in a nightmare,” says Lovvorn. “You live out that nightmare until you can pick yourself up and keep moving, because there’s still a job to do, there’s still people to protect.”

FBI statistics show that more officers have been killed in the South than any other region in the country.

In fact, this year officers have been killed in the South at twice the rate of other regions.

That is a statistic that Lovvorn makes sure than anyone applying for the job knows.

“There’s not one person I hire into this job that I don’t talk about that in depth ,about what they’re going into, its a job of servitude and its not guaranteed that you will come home.”

To view the FBI statistics on officers killed in the line of duty, Click Here.

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