School Board to Decide Next Butler County Superintendent

The Butler County school board held its first meeting Thursday night for the first time since Superintendent Dr. John Strycker announced he is leaving for a new job at the end of the year.

“It is personal to me. I know these children and they know I love them, and so that is far going to going to be the hardest part of this is saying goodbye to those children,” Strycker said.

Strycker will work through December, before moving to Jackson County, Mississippi to become the superintendent there. The failure of the ad valorem tax increase vote that Strycker pushed earlier this year played a part in the decision to look elsewhere for a job.

“It came down to the tax increase proposal to our community. The vote was very tough on our community. I knew it would be but we needed those resources. When the contract wasn’t extended in March, that wasn’t in my control,” Strycker said.

The next step: the Butler County School Board is now working on a plan to find the next superintendent for the school system.

“We do have options: whether we want to go out and do an all-out search the way we did for him, or whether we want to, you know, hire from within the system,” Board President Lois Robinson said.

The five-member school board will now figure out the right fit for the job.

“Hard-working, care about our children- that is extremely important. But curriculum is at the forefront. You know, we have to have teaching and learning,” Robinson said.

Robinson says she is hopeful the board will find a replacement before Strycker’s last day in December.

“I’m really, really disappointed that he’s leaving. He’s been just a jewel, you know, for two years since he’s been here,” Robinson said.

Strycker will begin his next job on January 1st, 2020.

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