Students Grow Food and Give to the Needy in Demopolis

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Students at a Demopolis elementary school are growing food in their very own garden — and giving what they grow to people in need.

About 120 students at West Side Elementary School in Demopolis are members of the West Side Garden Club. They learn to cultivate crops in an on-campus garden project — while simultaneously being cultivated for service themselves.

“The students are learning you can go anywhere and learn,” said Garden Club sponsor Gavrielle McVay.

“You don’t have to be in a classroom. You can get outside and they’re learning math skills and science skills while they’re in the garden and they’re also learning how to give back to the community. They know that they’re growing this produce so they can give it to people that need extra food in our area.”

McVay says all the produce grown in the garden is donated to the Demopolis Food Pantry to help feed needy people in the community.

“It let’s them know that our people in our our town who are in need. And it let’s them know to share what they have. It’s a great lesson I think for them,” said Food Pantry volunteer Rebecca Culpepper.

Governor Kay Ivey visited the school Tuesday morning to encourage the students and recognize the work that they’re doing.

“For the kids it was really exciting because it showed them that what they were doing was very important,” said McVay. “To have that, someone coming in and telling you you’re doing a great job, that this is such a special thing that you’re doing, I think it really encouraged the kids.”

“This is something our kids will remember forever,” said Demopolis School Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff.

“They’ll always have that memory of the day the governor came to school. So, we’re just happy that she chose West Side to visit.”

West Side Elementary was previously named one of the state’s 200 Bicentennial schools.

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