What the Tech? App of the Day: Scholly Search

With rising tuition costs and the real possibility of the student leaving school with a mountain of debt, college scholarships are imperative.

There are thousands of scholarships available and one app can help you find them.

It’s called Scholly and although it can pay thousands of dollars for school, many parents have never heard of it.

Once you’re logged in, it’ll ask for the typical information: GPA, extra-curricular activities. But then it gets personal. It’ll ask what your parents do for a living, what the student is passionate about, where they go to church, their artistic ability.

You’re not required to answer, but if you do, the app will search for and match students with scholarships that target those interests and demographics.

I found odd scholarships few people know exists.

One such scholarship is for fantasy sports players, another is $1,000 for students who write an essay describing themselves in a top ten list.

There’s a $1,000 scholarship for students and families that clip coupons to save money. I found at least one for the student writing the best essay on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Most every scholarship requires an essay or video. All that information is found through the Scholly app and you can also apply for them through links.

The app is free but there’s a premium version for $50 a year that offers help with writing the essays.

For parents getting ready to send a graduate off to college, this app may be the most valuable one they ever download.

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