Troy University Investigation Into Sigma Chi Fraternity Hazing Concludes

Troy University released a statement Tuesday, saying the Sigma Chi fraternity will remain suspended through the fall semester following its investigation into reports of hazing.

On Wednesday, university officials held a presser, releasing more information into the investigation.

“There were some findings there that concern not only the university but the national fraternity,” Dean of Student Services Herb Reeves said.

Reeves says the investigation also resulted in seven members being let go. The seven individuals were identified as ones who were held responsible for the hazing.

“There were activities that, you know, would not be consistent with our standards of conduct or with university policy,” Reeves said.

Reeves says eight members were victims— the university finding out about the possible hazing after a parent came forward. The fraternity members are now completing community service and education classes. The chapter will be reevaluated at the end of the semester to determine if the suspension will be lifted.

Some students are wanting to see changes made to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

““I absolutely feel like hazing shouldn’t be allowed at all,” student and Omega Psi Phi fraternity member Omari Vaughans said. “It’s kind of degrading to the fraternity and to the people that’s involved so if there’s any way we can make a change and kind of reduce the possibility of hazing, I’d be apart of it. I would love to see it.”

Reeves says he’s hoping the university’s actions will send a loud message on its stance towards hazing.

“It’s not only against policies, it’s against the law. And it’s not something we’re going to tolerate and if we find out about it, we’re going to deal with it,” Reeves said.

The university says it has offered its help to the victims through counseling services and is assisting in any other needs they might have.

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