Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover: Claudie Colvin

Alabama News Network’s 5th annual Tickled Pink event is Saturday, September 28th. It’s a day full of honoring, supporting and encouraging people impacted by breast cancer.

Each year, select cancer survivors in the River Region get the ultimate pampering, from head to toe– all thanks to generous businesses making a difference in our community. Here’s Claudie Colvin’s story, a woman who was diagnosed eight years ago:

“I am cancer-free, and I am just living life to the fullest.” Claudie was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2011. The oldest of 8, she’s the only person in her immediate family to ever face disease. Claudie’s daughter, Portia Osborne, nominated her for this year’s Survivor Makeover: “With her losing her husband, her two sons and recently losing her father, I just felt that she needed to be pampered.”

Portia said her mother is more than a fighter: She’s an inspirer: “Make sure you get your yearly exams, follow up when you need to and encourage other women to take care of their health like we should,” Claudie said.

But after years of fighting, it’s Claudie’s time to be pampered. As you can see, Smilemakers is tickled pink to exam this cancer survivor: “There is nothing better than your natural teeth, obviously, so we wanted to come with these two folks, especially these folks who are survivors of this terrible disease and really try to give them the best ability of their natural teeth as we can,” Wyatt Adolfi, COO of Smilemakers told us.

Next stop: River Region Dermatology and Laser. Dr. Portia Love explained your skin and hair is a reflection of your self esteem, and it’s their job to make sure Claudie feels her best, “We know when you do things to help your skin or emotionally, it can also help your overall health.”

But it doesn’t stop there– Eastdale Mall in Montgomery played a huge role in this year’s survivor makeovers.”It’s really a blessing,” Eastdale Mall General Manager Richard Holman said. “It helps us more than it helps them because we just get a great feeling of helping somebody out of it. There are a lot of great stores participating, and we are thankful that everyone is.”

Dr. Charles Goodman with LensCrafters explained why post-cancer eye checkups are crucial in remaining cancer-free: “It can spread to the eyes even years later, so it’s important to get your retinas checked, get dilated exams and make sure there’s no sign of it there.” After a consultation and new pair of glasses, Claudie was ready for a stop in Ann’s Nail Salon. And we all know the saying “If you look good, you feel good.” That’s exactly what Belk and J.C. Penny did for this cancer warrior, but it didn’t end without a few thankful tears.

“You just don’t realize the care that people that have not experienced what cancer survivors go through,” Claudie said. “It’s just amazing how they pamper you and encourage you.”

Again, Tickled Pink, an event supporting the fight against breast cancer, is Saturday, September 28th. Click HERE to buy tickets.

We’ll be looking for you to help us make this year’s event an even bigger success!



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